Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Operation Darkwing

Operation Darkwing was a huge success. Let me tell you. So its 11 am and the Trumbull county winery show is in full swing down on Ohio Avenue. Me and David load up the cargo truck with about 80 or so of our Campbells, Pekings, and the big ugly Muscovies. Those are the ones that hiss and got that red growth around their beaks. So we took the drive down to Ohio Avenue and took a turn where the show started. David started blaring that song and we rigged the back to open up and let loose the parade of ducks. We kept a real nice 3mph pace and just had ourselves one hell of a parade. Barb had baked a bunch of duck shaped sugar treats that she tossed out. The kids and ducks loved those. Ducks quacking and people screaming for their lives had never sounded better. No one was in any real danger, cept maybe those trying to mess with those Muscovies.

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