Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Officer Mckee and Mayor Paul were right there in the middle of everything I think I might be getting a visit from them here in a bit. Because we high tailed it out of there like a jack rabbit in June once we got down to McKinley. So this might be my last post. Thank y'all again for being with me till the end. It was fun. And remember Rosa!

Operation Darkwing

Operation Darkwing was a huge success. Let me tell you. So its 11 am and the Trumbull county winery show is in full swing down on Ohio Avenue. Me and David load up the cargo truck with about 80 or so of our Campbells, Pekings, and the big ugly Muscovies. Those are the ones that hiss and got that red growth around their beaks. So we took the drive down to Ohio Avenue and took a turn where the show started. David started blaring that song and we rigged the back to open up and let loose the parade of ducks. We kept a real nice 3mph pace and just had ourselves one hell of a parade. Barb had baked a bunch of duck shaped sugar treats that she tossed out. The kids and ducks loved those. Ducks quacking and people screaming for their lives had never sounded better. No one was in any real danger, cept maybe those trying to mess with those Muscovies.

Operation Darkwing

Well its Friday now. Everything's in place. I'll come back and write about it. Don't want to spoil it for anyone.

Operation Darkwing

Well operation Darkwing is scheduled for this Saturday during the big winery show that takes place on good ol Ohio Avenue. Barb's been putting up a whole bunch of flyers around town. Saw officer McKee tearing some down by the station. David's been helping me plan Operation Darkwing.

Operation Darkwing

David said we should call this whole plan Operation Darkwing. I just laughed and said okay.

Getting Started

David hooked up the cargo truck with some speakers he “borrowed” from that technology store Best Buy. Said if we were going to do this Duck parade right, we should do it tight? Don't know what those kids mean half the time. Started playing this music from the speakers about never doing stuff and all this dancing. Weird song. He said if anyone was on our side they should know this song. I just went along. Here is the song. Had David put it here. He said people should comment on my writings.


Here is Barb's first flyer. Download and paste around your own town. Fight for Rosa. Looks real nice.

A new man

Got the whole family in on my mission. David said we should really throw a duck parade. Barb's going to put together some flyers.

A new man

I'm now a man on a mission. I'm not going to let Rosa's death go down in vain. Got some cards up my sleeve and tricks in my pants. I'll keep y'all updated.

Still Angry

Barb my daughter said they were reading this essay in school about this man that fought the laws back in colonial times. Said I should read it. Get some input. Civil Disobedience she said. I'm going to sit down and read it tonight.


Well this is just horse apples. Got back with my meeting with Paul. Told him my story. That fucker had the nerve to tell me he had more important matters were at hand and it would take too much time to deal with this. Said he might look into it. Oh I put on a shit show right then and there and threw the shit off his desk and stormed out.

Good Stuff

Went down there again and put up a little fuss. Got to move up the ladder and got a meeting with Paul the mayor next Wednesday.


It's been two weeks still nothing.


Got back from the Trumbull county office. Said they would get back to me.

Sad news

Had to put Rosa down. It was a sad day. Had the whole family out there to help with the funeral. Buried her out back next to the big ol maple. I'm going downtown tomorrow to get this law repelled.

I have a new purpose in life.

Comforted Rosa with some sweet corn and apple bits. She liked that. Named her after the famous civil rights activist Rosa Parks who fought for civil rights back during the civil rights movement.

Sad news

I gotta put her out of her misery he said.

Sad news

Somethings defiantly not right. Talked to vet Carpenter. Said she probably has fractured her neck and is in pain.

Sad news

I think one of the duck's got a concussion when I went to Clint's the other day. Big ol pothole shook their cages all over the place. She was just laying down in the middle of the pen when I went to feed em this morning. She was making these erratic hissing noises and moving all over the place. Somethings not right. Think she might of hurt her head.

A bit of history

I've been in the duck farming business for about 25 years now. I grew up on this farm learning everything about corn and ducks from my father. He started the duck farm to help out with money when the crops don't do so good. As for the duck law I guess I've never really looked into it. But just the other day I tried riding down Ohio Avenue with a couple of White Campbell's to show Clint and I got pulled over by officer McKee. Said I should know better and told me if he saw me parading my ducks around this street again he'd write me another ticket. Said I should hop off on 2nd street and get going again on Pennsylvania. Well by the time I got to Clint's place the three Campbell's were all fussing around and shitting everywhere on everything. Made me feel like a damn fool. Covered his new truck in duck shit. Gave him 4 bucks to go and get it washed.

The picture is Clint

More Ducks

Lets call this one donald. He will be about 10-12 pounds when he goes out to market. They are fast growing ducks and usually are dressed out at about 10 weeks. Got a real savory taste to them. Nothing quite like it on earth.

Getting Started

My son David is real proud that I got everything set up. Said I was a natural at this stuff. Also told me to put a picture of myself and of some of our Alyesbury ducks so you all could sympathize with my problem. I'll admit the little guys are pretty cute.


Hi, I'm Jim Day. I'm a duck farmer from McDonald Ohio. A small little village in Ohio.

I'm not to good at this computer stuff but I decided to give it a whirl to get my message out there. My son David told me I should give it a try. Said everyone now a days was doing it to say something. He works at that technology store Best Buy so he's pretty smart.

Well my point in creating this thing and having it out there for the world to see is because McDonald Ohio has this law that an individual is not allowed to “parade their duck down Ohio Avenue”. Well that puts me in a pickle cause I've got my farm down on Madison Street and the market is way downtown on McKinley Street. The only direct route to get to McKinley is on Ohio Avenue. But seeing as how all I'm transporting is my ducks it's illegal.

Now before you go and judge me of my problem realize this is my life. I raise these ducks for their meat and ship them downtown to the market to make a living. They go all over the Midwest. I'm one of the largest duck farmers in Ohio. But these cops have arrested me more than once for “parading” my ducks down Ohio Avenue. The one was a big enough ass to charge me fifty bucks for deliberately disobeying the law. So now I usually take Pennsylvania or Watson Marshall road to transport my livelihood. But the roads are full of pot holes and add about 30 minutes to my drive. Last thing you wanna see on earth is a hopped up angry mallard thats been shook for 30 minutes. I don't wish that on anyone.

So this is my problem and I guess my new blog.