Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hi, I'm Jim Day. I'm a duck farmer from McDonald Ohio. A small little village in Ohio.

I'm not to good at this computer stuff but I decided to give it a whirl to get my message out there. My son David told me I should give it a try. Said everyone now a days was doing it to say something. He works at that technology store Best Buy so he's pretty smart.

Well my point in creating this thing and having it out there for the world to see is because McDonald Ohio has this law that an individual is not allowed to “parade their duck down Ohio Avenue”. Well that puts me in a pickle cause I've got my farm down on Madison Street and the market is way downtown on McKinley Street. The only direct route to get to McKinley is on Ohio Avenue. But seeing as how all I'm transporting is my ducks it's illegal.

Now before you go and judge me of my problem realize this is my life. I raise these ducks for their meat and ship them downtown to the market to make a living. They go all over the Midwest. I'm one of the largest duck farmers in Ohio. But these cops have arrested me more than once for “parading” my ducks down Ohio Avenue. The one was a big enough ass to charge me fifty bucks for deliberately disobeying the law. So now I usually take Pennsylvania or Watson Marshall road to transport my livelihood. But the roads are full of pot holes and add about 30 minutes to my drive. Last thing you wanna see on earth is a hopped up angry mallard thats been shook for 30 minutes. I don't wish that on anyone.

So this is my problem and I guess my new blog.

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