Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A bit of history

I've been in the duck farming business for about 25 years now. I grew up on this farm learning everything about corn and ducks from my father. He started the duck farm to help out with money when the crops don't do so good. As for the duck law I guess I've never really looked into it. But just the other day I tried riding down Ohio Avenue with a couple of White Campbell's to show Clint and I got pulled over by officer McKee. Said I should know better and told me if he saw me parading my ducks around this street again he'd write me another ticket. Said I should hop off on 2nd street and get going again on Pennsylvania. Well by the time I got to Clint's place the three Campbell's were all fussing around and shitting everywhere on everything. Made me feel like a damn fool. Covered his new truck in duck shit. Gave him 4 bucks to go and get it washed.

The picture is Clint

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